How to Overcome Eating Disorders during Recovery from Substance Abuse


Weight loss pills and supplements can often become the causes of addictions among consumers. They may find it difficult to lead a normal life without them. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, and fear are some of the side effects which may force the consumers to depend on these pills. Abstinence from pills may also result in binge-eating disorders. It could lead to obesity once again within a short time, forcing the individual to start using the pills and supplements again. The process could become an endless cycle, leading to an unhealthy body and addicted mind.

Other Substances

Substances like marijuana can cause a sharp rise in appetite, especially for sweets and junk foods. The individual is often unaware of the quantity and the type of food he eats. The accumulation of unhealthy fat and cholesterol can result in significant weight gain. The individual often assumes it to be healthy signs and continues with substance and overeating.

Marijuana addiction could be the first step to critical stages wherein the user moves over to heroin, morphine, and hydromorphone, etc. The impact of these substances on the metabolism systems can be hazardous.

Dysfunctional Eating Patterns

Lack of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients is the main cause of obesity and poor health among addicts. Insufficient energy levels can become causes of substance dependency. It may also lead to a drastic loss of weight, resulting in anemic conditions.

Recommended Solution

The first step in healing is De-addiction and Detox. Then the patient goes through the rehabilitation period, in which the doctors restore the normal eating cycles. It could take time and effort, but the results have been found to be positive.

Foods and Fluids

Natural foods like raw veggies, fruit juices, and lean meat can restore appetite levels among recovering patients. Small quantities of foods at regular intervals can improve metabolism and reduce the craving for unhealthy foods.

Energy Restoration  

Restoration of energy within the muscles, joints, bones, and internal organs is a sure sign of health conditions. The experts at the rehab centers may also suggest natural supplements for an increase in blood cell count, proteins and nutrients. Simple exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming can also restore metabolism to normal levels.


Patience and persistence are the two parameters required to regain normal eating patterns and relief from substance abuse since both are obviously connected to each other. Regular counseling and meetings can help to overcome the mental obsession for substance abuse and eating disorders.

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