First Priority of Life is Sobriety


Many of the recovering alcoholics may feel that life has become colorless and monotonous after getting sober. One day at a time programs may make life look rather limited. The incorrigible urge to live an adventurous and fun filled life once again could push many back to the brink of a relapse. It may happen early in the recovery or even after 10 years of a sober life. Since the top priority is sobriety, the need to fill the gaps in sober life with fun and adventure is vital.

Eternal Possibilities

Sober cruise could be an excellent opportunity to open up one’s mind and soul to the eternal possibilities of happiness in a sober life. The urge to find something new in life gets fulfilled without having to depend on the bottle.

Where is Your Faith?

A sober cruise can restore the lost faith into the subconscious mind of a recovering alcoholic. He may often feel dejected when he repeatedly comes across the phrase “We are not cured of alcoholism. It is only one day reprieve we get from the disease by following the meetings and 12-steps”. He may often feel he will be a patient for the rest of his life. He may lose hope and become psychologically weaker.

ESH (Experience-Strength-Hope)

Sober cruise could be an opportunity to restore strength and hope in life. The experience of other sober alcoholics on the cruise could calm down the jittery nerves and usher insanity.

The Real AA

The itinerary of a sober cruise could open up the adventurous attitude (AA) towards life. Exploring the high seas is a blissful experience beyond the scope of explanation. As you know, an average alcoholic is driven more by emotions and sensations rather than logic, though he may have plenty of it. The cruise experience could open up a new ideology for life for getting instant gratification which he always craved in life.

Sober cruise is a great opportunity to meet and spend time with the people who never tasted or drank alcohol. There could also be social drinkers. He can realize that life and happiness doesn’t necessarily depend on the drink. He can learn to be happy and contented in life. The urge to break away from social and community life into loneliness and oblivion reduces considerably after the sober cruise.

Beyond Limitations

Being one with nature also creates a sense of humility and a willingness to go beyond the self-created wall of ego and know-all attitude. It is a wonderful opportunity to accept life as it is.

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